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Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, you should determine the space requirements, location, and budget for your office; then, search our listings and neighbourhood previews to shortlist buildings, and designate them as favourites so that we can schedule a visit for you. Once you have viewed the offices and selected a property, we will assist you in negotiating and signing the lease.

Choosing the right Office Interior Design can be intriguing and complex. However at Nextoffice, we make the process quite simple and fulfilling. When you get in touch with us, we thoroughly understand your requirement, provide you references so that you are able to visualise and conceptualise the overall theme of the office. Based on your preferences, we make a 2D layout and 3D walkthrough so that you can experience the office virtually. Your inputs are incorporated and designs are finalised for execution.

Noida is a very organised city in terms of allocation of land use. There are effectively 3 broad micromarkets where you can look for an office space. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Area closer to Delhi is typically near the commercial hub of Noida that is Sector 18. Quality graded buildings near DND are the most expensive buildings in the city. The second micro market is Noida Expressway which is an upcoming area but difficult with public conveyance. The third and most sought after area is Sector 62/63 and nearby areas which is connected by Meerut Expressway as well as Blue Line Metro. The rentals are affordable and there is good supply of quality office buildings.

Apart from the normal questions, there are some tricky areas where you should keep the clarity. Those questions are viz.. 1. What are the exit clauses and penalties if any ? 2. What are fixed costs apart from rent ? Typically you should try to take absolute break up of the fixed and variable costs that you would pay. There are charges for fixed loads, there might be charges for water bills. 3. If its an Old Furnished Office, who is responsible for further wear and tear ? 4. If its a New Furnished Office, who will pay for the AMCs ?

If you are a growing company, its makes sense for you to rent an office space because it gives you the flexibility of expanding and move into larger space.. But if you are a stable company or the specific office is requirement is stable for atleast 6 - 9 years, its makes a whole lot more sense to buy. Apart from saving on the rent, the capital gain on the real estate would be beneficial.

It depends on your long term and short term vision for your company. If you are an investor and want to buy an office space for rental, the choices are really limited in Noida and you should only consider buildings which have great maintenance, occupancy and credentials. Please call us for a quick advice.

An Intelligent Interior Designer will always make the best of your layout to get optimal efficiency. Also, a great office inspires productivity in the workspace.

In Noida, like in any other place, the price of interior design services might vary significantly based on a number of variables. These variables include the project's size, the room's capacity, the degree of customisation, the designer's experience, and the materials chosen. Furthermore, the your particular requirements and the state of the local market may have an impact on expenses. We would advise you to contact us, and ask for comprehensive quotes in order to obtain an accurate cost for your particular project. We will give you an itemised cost breakdown as well as insights into how various design decisions might affect the overall budget. Please remember that an accurate cost estimate depends on open communication and a thorough grasp of the project's scope. However, to give you a ball park figure, a median cost for an office with durable quality and good designs cost atleast Rs 1800 -2000 Per Square Feet and then it can go upwards as per your specific requirements.

Designing an office interior entails designing a functional, pleasant, and visually beautiful space that is consistent with the company's culture and promotes employee productivity and well-being. This requires professional qualification and experience with execution and material choices. Nextoffice has the capability and experience for the same. Please reach out to us with your concept if any and measurements of the space so that we are able to bring your concept to reality.

There's an easy rule of thumb. The first thing you need to do is figure out how many people you want to fit in the office. If you want to accomodate 40 persons and if its an IT company, you should consider multiplying an allocation of 50 square feet per person. Therefore, for such a need, you would need about 2000 square feet. The average cost of renting a fully furnished office space in Noida in 2023 is Rs 60 per square foot. Thus, in this instance, your monthly rental commitment will be Rs 1,20,000.00. In addition, you will have to incur the expenses for electricity and maintenance fees.

A lease for office space is a formal contract that specifies the terms and conditions under which an individual or business can occupy and use a specific office space. It is signed by the landlord, who is the owner of the property and the occupier that is the intended lessee. This lease lays out each party's obligations and rights for the duration of the lease.